FPS Game Devlog | #24 - Animations galore (for real this time), Sights, minimap, MG42 and more!

Before y’all get straight into reading this devlog, I gotta warn you that this update was really big and kinda complicated. With that, let’s get into the devlog.

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And, yes, you did read that title correctly - I have got some animations. This was the main feature of this update, let me go over it real quick.

So the animations currently aren’t in the main game yet. I’m working on porting the main game over to the place with the animations.

Now, you might be asking, “Wouldn’t it be quicker to port the animations over to the main game?”. Well, theoretically, yes, but in my case it would be more time-consuming.

The original code in the main game is so messy that it would take more time to sort out all the variables and things related to the viewmodel, animations, framework etc than it would to port all the other things like reloading, shoot types, UI etc to the animation game.

Where is this animation game, you may ask? Well, here it is. Operation: Strife | Animation Hell - Roblox

You can try out the animations for yourself right now, critique me on them, etc. I will eventually port all the UI, mechanics etc over to the animation place and only then will I overwrite the main game with the animation place.

Here are two samples for you to watch:

• Desert Eagle Reload

• UMP-45 reload (worse lol, remaking)

Other stuff in this update

Sights - Yes, you can attatch sights onto your gun now. The system is a bit weird so I’ll probably end up remaking it while I port everything over.

New MG-42 LMG - The LMG category was feeling a little lonely so I added a new one. The MG42 was a German belt-fed LMG with 50 rounds. It fires at 1200RPM with moderate damage.

Minimap - just added in because I was bored.

Here’s a list of things that I’m planning on adding sooner or later, with an ETA on when it should be released. (delayed because of the animation port)

ADS’ing on every gun - ETA hopefully Wednesday or Thursday next week, sooner might be possible though

More guns/attatchments - I don’t plan on adding more guns/attatchments for the moment unless someone suggests one, this is because I want to get the game mechanics and finish the UI revamp out before I continue making guns like crazy. - ETA N/A

Game mechanics - ETA two-to-three weeks

A ton of bug fixes - ETA N/A

Walk, jump etc sound changes - ETA N/A

Crouching - I’m bad at making this sort of thing, so ETA N/A as well

Pictures from this update:

Main game

Animation place

Note: actually going and playing the anim place would be better than just looking at a stationary pic. Operation: Strife | Animation Hell - Roblox

Join my comms server on Discord (server invite code is 5pc3tb2Zab) if you haven’t already, thats it for this devlog!

Credits for contributors and stuff

@YetiKing666 for building the office map in-game and constantly working on it as well lmao, also posting bug reports

• Fat Robin#7422 on Discord for working on an unreleased map and also for posting bug reports

You can play the beta version here: Operation: Strife - Roblox

and the animation place here: Operation: Strife | Animation Hell - Roblox

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated.

Join comms server: 5pc3tb2Zab


yooOOOO my discord got credited, less go

Yours? :thinking: What do you mean?

bout to confirm on discord


No, it’s in the right place. I’ve made devlogs on cool creations many times before

False. This question has been already answered. Small updates such as change logs should be on #bulletin-board but devlogs are supposed to be in cool creations. Op is asking for feedback, not only listing changes.

Sorry, I’m new, I’ve seen a lot of devlogs in #bulletin-board so yeah, sorry.

God man I’m so sorry.
Hopefully I can get your map done after Game Quest, or during a in between for it, which I’ll probably continue to be motivated for a while. Loving the progress.

What’s the average time it takes to implement new guns?

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Because I’m now having to animate everything it’ll probably take 3-4 hours to animate it all. So porting everything over will probably take the week to do.

it’s better to wait with the animations and get the core mechanics down first, also do your guns shoot trough walls? I don’t have internet to test your game right now.

No, wallbanging isn’t my number 1 priority at the moment but it will probably come in a while.

In my opinion, I’d completely finish each gun before moving on to the next. Leaving stuff unfinished will give you a big job of finishing everything. That’s a lesson I had to learn the hard way

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