[OPEN] [USD Paypal] Jupiterc's UI & 2D Art (SATISFIED OR YOU DON'T PAY)

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About Me

Greetings! Please keep in mind this is a tiny portion of my work. Feel free to ask for more examples.
I currently accept payment in USD Paypal, or limiteds if your order is large. Be prepared to cover any fees.
Prices may vary depending on complexity.

User Interface

UI Examples ($50+)

(Please keep in mind I cannot script or animate UI. I can only import and scale it into studio.)

Personal Art

Profile Picture Examples ($5)

Emoji Examples ($3)

Painted Logo Examples ($10)

Concept Art Examples ($20)

Game Art

Dev Product Examples ($2)



Gamepasses ($3)

Ad Examples ($6)

I also do:

Badges ($4)
Banners ($15)
Game maps ($10)
Thumbnails ($20)

Didn’t add them here to save space, or it legit freezes my screen.


The fastest way to contact me is through discord.

Discord: libertine#1431

If you prefer not to communicate via discord, send me a DM here.


Please note discounts are entirely to my discretion.

  • Price raising immunity for all. If you purchase something once, and I later raise the price, you can still buy using your old price.
  • Late discounts. If, through entirely my own fault, I miss your given, arranged deadline then you may be eligible for significant compensations, ask for details.

Terms & Conditions

By ordering a commission, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • Have your money ready before you order. I will not start unless you prove you can pay me. You will pay if you cancel your 75%+ finished order.

  • I can take around 1 hour to 3 weeks, with an average of 1-4 days to complete a commission. I will give you an estimation in advance. Strict deadlines can be arranged if necessary.

  • Be as clear as possible. I’ll happily edit anything to your liking, but it’ll make things quicker and more convenient if you tell me exactly what you want to start with.

  • You will pay once you have received your watermarked commission, then after payment I will give you the proper files.

I’m pretty laid back. I don’t care if you spam me asking how far along I am in your order, just keep in mind that I deal with 50+ DMs a day, so the more you spam forcing me to spend time on discord, the longer your drawing will take.

Thanks for checking me out!


Whoa, very nice work, I’m interested in commissioning you for a few drawings, I sent a friend request to your discord.


Jupiter is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Fantastic artwork, and very easy going! Keep up the fantastic work.


:open_mouth: Is that me! I see myself.


Will you ever do full body shots or only headshots? If you were do to full body shots what would be the pricing?

I am willing to do waist-up drawings, and full bodies, though I’ve never done them with a “blocky” style, only in a greater detail kind of way. They do not cost extra. :slight_smile:


I will contact you friend for an icon that I need

He’s very amazing, and fast at his work! I 100% would recommend him to literally anyone.


Looks good! :+1: You a very talented person.


Probably one of the sweetest people I’ve worked with, and super duper fast delivery!

Quality work for cheap, 100% recommended :smile:


Very amiable, effective, and completely open to any criticism or changes, I would definitely recommend hiring!


Added some new sections that don’t necessarily deal only with profile icon artworks. :slight_smile:

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Completely recommend. Very helpful, kind, and fulfills order perfectly to your request and in a quick manner. Definitely would order again in the future!


I had so much fun drawing these! I changed the pricing slightly, to better reflect the amount of time it takes to draw each.


Most amazing service, Luckily I was Jupiter’s first customer and even then Jupiter treated me amazing! 100% recommend him to anyone who needs 2D artwork done!


Haven’t received my headshot back yet and I just know it’s going to be great.

Don’t undervalue your work or time you’re seriously talented.


Jupiter is a very talented artist, he is very friendly and he understood what I wanted within a few minutes.
When he sent me my icon, I was completely speechless on how wonderful it came out.

He is also a understandable person that has decent prices for artwork, I totally recommend Jupiter. :sunglasses:


Would definitely recommended ordered 3 greater detail drawings, and they came out amazing, they had fantastic detail for a cheap price, and delivered on time.


I have raised my prices based on suggestions, to deal with the mass influx of users wanting to commission me. I really appreciate the support. c:
However, if you ordered from me before, you can STILL order with the old prices! Just be sure to contact me using the same account, so I know for sure who you are.

Also experimented with some thumbnail/concept art, as you can see below. c:


Would you take R$1,000 for a greater detail headshot and a humorous, incredibly low detail cartoon style? Sent you an fr on Discord (Hunter The Muffin#4100) and i’m willing to raise the price if you’d prefer.