[Open-Looking for Work][Portfolio] no_clu360

Drawing - 2020-02-20T125159.078

Hi there! I am offering my services as a ui person. I specialize in MODERN UI. I have just started making ui’s and now I think its time for me to go public.

Drawing - 2020-02-20T125315.915
You can view some of my recent work here

My first ever ui

Group 5

My game ui

A full game ui


Button examples

Even More buttons

Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 8.29.00 PM

Magic Circles

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 4.02.43 PM
Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 4.04.52 PM

Boring stuff I made

Phone ui

Random ui I made

Steam Punk type ui

Improved ui

Drawing - 2020-02-20T130319.469
I am available mostly during the day because of this new virus that has befallen us all.

Drawing - 2020-02-20T125356.855
You must have the payment ready to be given once I am finished
I am only accepting group funds

Prices can be negotiated

Drawing - 2020-02-20T125635.659
Or you can pm me on dev forums

When you contact me could you pls use the following formate as it makes things much easier

  • roblox username
  • How much robux you can pay
  • what you want me to make
  • Any references you want me to see
  • If there is any due date

Thanks for reading! :smiley:

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Hello, the GUIs you make look pretty, and not giving people seizures, lol.
I wish you best of luck on your future commissions.


Hey there, I’m vouching for no_clu. He works absolutely fast, and has quality work. You will not be disappointed, he goes above and beyond your expectations


I sent you on discord!
My username is xdavidprorealreal#4953,I will tell you what I want to do over there!

Hello, I just worked with him and I can say after working, he is fast and precise at what he does. If your looking for a UI designer, I would definitely recommend him for all you’re projects. Thank you!

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Hey there, the UI is awesome, can you tell me what you use to make them? (It’s fine if you don’t want too!)

Amazing UIs… I hope you achieve only the best :slight_smile:

Nice work overall, worked with him just fine.

-I asked for magic circles, he’s never done them before but excelled greatly with the finished product.

Hello, I tried messaging you on Discord but you have DMs disabled. If you could enable your DMs I will definitely try to hire you.

What software do you use? [30 chars]

I sent a friend request on discord!

Love the UI menus! 30 charrrrrr

Awesome work! I’d love to commission you if you’re up for it… benpalmertrain1#1342 on discord, or you can PM me here.