FPS Game Devlog | #11 (Part 1) - Somewhat Complete Levelling System

I’ve come to a decision that I simply can’t complete the amount of work I would normally do on a daily basis. That’s why I’m changing my ‘post schedule’ to one devlog per other day, not one per day. I’ve been really busy with school and some other personal things so getting online and developing hasn’t been that easy. I’m splitting this devlog into two parts (this will be a one-off), the next part posted tomorrow.

Anyway, today I essentially made the framework of the ‘levelling’ system. You get xp by playing the game atm (i’ll add it so you can get xp by getting kills in the next part). You advance onto the next rank after you hit a certain amount of XP. The formula goes as follows:

Rank x 1000 + 1000 = Amount of EXP needed to advance onto the next rank

So, yeah. Currently it doesn’t save your data because I just learned how to use datastores and im still reallly bad at them.

That’s literally it for this devlog. No pics becaue didn’t have time. :frowning:
You can play the beta version here: