FPS Game Devlog | #14 - Kill cam, new AUG A2, bug fixes, weapon skin prototype and more!

Communication server invite: d25HGanKXv

Well, damn. This is my third time reposting this devlog since it kept getting taken down. I’ll probably do another devlog today to compensate. In this update, I made a kill-cam that includes:
• the name of the killer
• the health of the killer
• the POV of the killer
• a headshot of the killer

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Also in this update, I disabled ADS’ing since it was causing loads of issues and anyway it didn’t feel right in the game.

Other new features include:

• New arm model.

• New AUG A2 weapon. Low recoil with lower damage.

• Fixed a bug that (sometimes) didn’t allow you to move on deployment.

Pics and stuff

Yes, there’s still tons of bugs with the kill-screen, I’m fixing them.

Thats it for this devlog! Huge props to @YetiKing666 for helping a lot with the game (map making, testing, generally just being dogwater at the game so I have a dummy to test on)

You can play the beta version here: FPS Framework Prototype - Roblox

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated. Also, if you want to, you could think of a name for me to give this project. Currently I’m thinking of calling it Syndicate , but I’d like to hear your ideas as well. :thinking: I’d also like your ideas on the CSGO style gameplay. I think it’s a good idea since there aren’t many FPS games with this style of mechanic (apart from CBRO).


Why have I just been kicked, Also your game looks great, add a save weapon loadout though.

The game is constantly being updated and published. It kicks you when a game is published so when you rejoin all the new stuff is there.

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I shutdown the server because if I don’t the server doesn’t get updated lol
And yeah I’m working on the loadout saving.

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Well, I was trying to record the recoil pattern but for some reason it sort of went in the wrong direction-https://gyazo.com/dbf205d7b0ca62fe025f6633814338f2 I would recommend looking at some other games and trying to find the recoil patterns.
Made lots of progress compared to yesterday, nice addons too! I like the killcam, and got to play with some other people to test.
Improve the weapon choosing menu, and make it save classes, as well as making the GUI slightly less in-your-face. If you’re going for a CS:GO based game it would be better if you could choose the weapons in the buy time, not sure if you would like to go down that route tho.
You can currently see health bars thru the ma\p which isnt great.
I would add a larger map to allow for more testing.
Increase sprint speed and add crouching

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Wow it look cool,continue the work👍


I’m working on the big map : D.


The gun recoils backward in real life, recoiling forward isn’t really that realistic lol. If you mean the accuracy of the gun then, yeah, it is quite overpowered, i’m working on a fix to that.

Currently, me and @YetiKing666 are still deciding the future of the game so we’ve left it like that for now.

Yeah, I agree, working on a fix

@YetiKing666 told you… :thinking:

I kind of copied the slower-paced gameplay from CB:RO where the walkspeed and sprintspeed of the guns are slower. And yeah, crouching is also being worked on. :smile:

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I would wait until you make the maps, because movement honestly depends on the sizing of maps, playstyles etc. If you’re going for CS:GO keep sprint slow or remove it, as that’s strategic based.

meant the recoil in terms of where the bullets are landing, as at the moment there are no patterns such as this:

of course, rainbow 6 siege has a ton of recoil and I wouldn’t expect that much, but there needs to be recoil


I’m loving seeing these devlogs. If you are in need of a Map Builder I will happily create some for you for a % of your game revenue. (for the future when it releases of course)


I do need map builders/contributors at the moment but I don’t have the resources to pay, so, if you’re willing to do it join the comms server (invite at the top), if not then it’s totally fine


Are they your own models?
Hopefully now that I can relax some I can grind your build. It should be easy as I’m going for a certain style that I can ctrl + c and just variate everything

The build/map was made by @YetiKing666 (one of the current contributors)

I meant the guns :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, I’m working on it! I think you’ll love it :wink:
I’ll post in waywoc and tag you I guess
Though there may be too many doors, I’ll make sure you can change which are open/closed/open but unable to go in via the way you want it(

Any fall dmg?

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No fall damage atm but will soon. If youre not already in, join the comms server
t6QjSRFb is the invite


Nah, don’t have an account anymore, deleted it for personal reasons.
Fall damage because it will have some heights(rooftops, ect) now I’m thinking I may need some ladders

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wow man, this is so cool!
the only thing I would ask is that you add a scope mode.

Scoping/adsing will be available in the future but only for guns that already have scopes, so ironsighted guns can’t be ads’d nmw