FPS Game Devlog | #15 - Big Announcement, NEW LMG category, new M60 gun, bug fixes, and more!

Ohhhh boy. It’s been two weeks since we started this massive project, and now one of the biggest announcements is among us (no among us jokes pls impostor isnt sus).

I have now decided the name for this game/project thing. This was voted on in my communications server (invite is kU6Cqmjxxh).

The new name for this project is:
Operation: Strife

From now on, I’ll be renaming the devlogs to Operation: Strife Devlog - Devlog | Number, etc. I honestly do appreciate all the support I’ve gotten throughout this journey.

Anyway, corny thanking moment over, let’s get into this update!

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So, yeah, the main update was the new class of guns and the new LMG, the M60. I’m currently still trying to balance the gun, so please do leave comments about it in my comms server (shameless plug no. 2, invite code kU6Cqmjxxh) or here on the forums.

Other new features include:

• A ton of other bug fixes for the killcam, if you find any more bugs relating to it, put them here or (shamelss plug no. 3) on my comms server, invite code is kU6Cqmjxxh

• Map update v4, credit to @YetiKing666

Pics and stuff

Join my comms server if you haven’t already, thats it for this devlog! Huge props to @YetiKing666 for helping a lot with the game (map making, testing, generally just being dogwater at the game so I have a dummy to test on)

You can play the beta version here: FPS Framework Prototype - Roblox

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated. I’d also like your ideas on the CSGO style gameplay. I think it’s a good idea since there aren’t many FPS games with this style of mechanic (apart from CBRO).

Join comms server: kU6Cqmjxxh


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