FPS Game Devlog | #12 - XP on kill, test map and more!

*‘ok’ - IceKing, 2021’

So, yeah. I got a ton done today. Mainly a lot of work on the XP/Levelling system. I’m working on a lot of community requets/bug reports atm, your updates will come soon!

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Yes. I finished the levelling system (kinda) although there are still some bugs. I’d appreciate it if you posted them in the comments. Also, @YetiKing666 built a test map for me. They also helped with a lot of testing.

Other new features include:

• Muzzle flash. Size depends on the gun you’re using.

• Aesthetic changes to the lobby screen thing.

• New test map.

Things I’m planning to add

An update to the kill screen. This will include a kill-cam, the killer’s username, their health etc.

More weapon classes and guns.

Maps - you can contribute to the game by sending a map you’ve made to me through Discord at IceKing1x#6969. You can provide full credits on the map and I will do that as well in the GUI. Currently I can’t pay map-makers, sorry!

Round system, currency system

Pics and stuff

Thats it for this devlog! Huge props to @YetiKing666 for helping a lot with the game (map making, testing, generally just being dogwater at the game so I have a dummy to test on)

You can play the beta version here: FPS Framework Prototype - Roblox

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated. Also, if you want to, you could think of a name for me to give this project. Currently I’m thinking of calling it Syndicate , but I’d like to hear your ideas as well. :thinking:


Wow, you got lots of progress done!
I have an idea for the game name


GG dude that looks great :+1:t2: :ok_hand:t2:

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I think I like Sharpshooter better, that feels too much like a bad business knock off name lol.
Too lazy to work on the map, I’m sorry…
Got a general building plan out though!
Also, Why do I have a spirt gun next to my gun?
Also, gun flash wack

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Contradictory, sharpshooter sounds like a cheap sniping game knock off.
Naming games is hard lol


All good, just try get some progress done lol

What do you mean?

Yeah I’m building 1/4 of the exterior per 5 days, and it only happens near glass, I think my gun is going through causing interesting mechanisms.
Hopefully I’ll grind it on the weekend

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Hey dude nice game :slight_smile:
I have one question for you ( if you don´t mind). How you made arms and weapons stay in that fixed position ? I mean like when you rotate they rotate too, when you aim they change position and etc… I know you used CFrame and maybe Lerp() too but could you explain it more. I´m trying to accomplish something similiar but with no success.