FxllenCode - Programmer, Web Developer, Visuals Specialist, Security Researcher

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About Me

Hello! I am @FxllenCode, just your average developer with too much time on my hands! I am 14, and I speak English. My timezone is EST. This is a revamped portfolio of mine! I’m a developer on and off the platform, comfortable with Lua, JS, CSS, HTML, and more! I use industry standard tools such as GitHub/Git, MongoDB, Express, Node.js, Rojo, and many more! I am very passionate about computers, and you’ll often find me working on project for no reason except learning something new! I ask a lot of questions and do not want to be spoonfed while learning!

I am generally not for hire however feel free to contact me if you may be interested. Please note I am in High School, so I cannot work during all hours of the day, however I am generally active often enough to get a response within 2 hours, including weekdays.


Do you make Roblox games?

Yes, I have knowledge of Luau and I enjoy making Roblox games in my spare time. I’m a huge backend junkie, I love working with HttpService and making cool integrations with your games!

What do you mean by “Security Researcher”? Do you exploit games?

No, I do not exploit games. I do security testing and submit security vulnerabilities to companies (such as Roblox)! I also can help do an audit of your game for possible security issues that could be abused by exploiters. This does not mean I exploit in games. You do not need to exploit to find how exploiters abuse systems.

How are you a Visuals Specialist?

I can help improve the lighting and visuals of your game, and help make scenes that stand out to your games. This may mean simply tweaking lighting settings, or it may mean programming a scene (such as a weather cutscene that you’ll see below).

Can you make me a Website/Node.js application?

Generally, I am not for hire for these applications, but feel free to inquire within. I self host all my projects on my Raspberry Pi’s, unless the project needs better hosting.

Could you list all the tools you use/have used?

Sure! It is a lot, so I’ll hide it below so I don’t text wall anyone!

My workflow tools

…and others I’m forgetting!


Terrain (I do not do commissions for these anymore)



Disclaimer: I do not do these anymore, however you can take a look at the visuals






Great Rift Valley





I did not build anything in these. I either did the lighting, or made a cutscene.

Lighting Examples






Other Examples

This is a scene I staged for ProCreations. It is used during one of their cutscenes, here is a video of it:

I was given this to work with:


Luau/Roblox Development

Open-Source nametag to prevent impersonation with Display Names

You can read about it here!

Open-Source Simple Nametag system, powered by Roact


Status+ is an alternative to status.roblox.com, fully automated and has discord integration, along with an API wrapper so you can use it in your games!

Status+ | An automated alternative to Roblox's Status Site

Advanced Audio Visualizer

This is an Audio Visualizer I created for fun! I thought it turned out really nicely!

Advanced Audio Visualizer

Discord Development


AutoMod is an AI-Powered moderation bot for your discord servers. It can detect posts that may be harmful, and remove them/flag them for staff review. Here is a video of it in action:

Feel free to add it to your server!



Gabby was an experimental chatbot powered by GPT-3! Here are some pictures of what I taught her:

(She was shut down after creating her own language :flushed:)





I do not give a pre-estimate of pricing, as I am pretty flexible, but my minimum is usually 1000 Robux/1 month of nitro classic.

I do not accept USD except in the form of Discord nitro. I do not accept boosts a payment method.

Visuals-Wise, I charge upwards of 1000 Robux for a quick lighting remake, while more in-depth work (such as making a rain scene) I will charge 10000 Robux or more.

I am not for hire for anything else, though feel free to inquire anyways.

Contact Me

To contact me, you can either respond to this post, send me a DM here, or send a message to my Discord (FxllenCode#0007). I prefer Discord for communication, however here works too.

Again, I am generally not for hire so please feel free to inquire but I most likely will not accept your offer.

Thank you for reading! :grin:

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Helped with lighting in my homestore. Great to work with :slight_smile: super helpful. Highly recommend.


Love the Advanced Lighting Package, he tried his best to get to look how I wanted and it turned out great.
Recommend him 11/10


Amazing work of yours! The terrains are detailed, beautiful, and have a vibe to them. Keep creating this awesome work! 10/10.

Stay safe,


Yes it’s nice just but it might take me a while to respond since I’m on discord most of the time.


Very nice looking, highly recommend. If you are looking for 4k like HIGH POLY, You should definitely hire him.

Good Work!


Great guy to work with. Did a really good job on the lighting. Even went well and beyond.


I’m interested :cowboy_hat_face:

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Sent you a DM! :grinning: Hope I hear back!

Commissions are back open! I was closed due to a large terrain commission, but I finished it! Again, all prices are negotiable, feel free to contact me!

which is the best pack for low poly lighting?

Hm… It would be a combo of Advanced and Basic. I can do it for 750. DM me if you are interested.


I recently hired Fxllen for his Large Terrain Package which cost me around 35,000 ROBUX. I admit I was slightly sceptical when he said he didn’t use Discord as communication is vital within large projects. However, Fxllen was fast to respond and the Large Terrain only took a day or two! All in all, I’m very happy with the product and Fxllen’s service. I recommend hiring him if you are looking for a Terrain builder/lighting specialist.


Hello! Would you be interested in a project involving refurbishing existing terrain?

Because I do not use the normal terrain tools, I would have to replace the entire terrain. If that works, go ahead and send me a message!

I am looking at a bunch of Environmental Artists. How much percentage is the min?

It depends on the game and backup payment.

As I might actually be interested in the small package( no lighting)
So 5-6kbackup payment

15% of game’s profits.

Do you have funds to spend on ads? Do you have a following?

Following yes. We have 2 star Youtubers and like 34 other people following us on Twitter. We are going to spend min 10k robux max 20k robux. BTW I gonna send message soon.