FPS Game Devlog | #2 - Deploy System and More Guns

I couldn’t think of anything to put for the title lmfao

Yes, I’m back with another devlog. This one was essentially just about fixing all the bugs I managed to create in between this devlog and the first. If you haven’t read that one yet, I’d recommend you do.

Devlog #1: FPS Game Devlog #1 - Starting Out

Between devlogs, I have gotten a lot of progress on my hands. The main star of the show here is the new deploy GUI which allows you to select a gun to use in the game. Because of this, there are two new guns on display - the M16A3 assault rifle, and the G18 pistol. Currently switching between a ‘primary’ gun and a ‘secondary’ gun isn’t possible.

Also, I sort of put the kill-cam idea from last devlog on hold since it’s not really neccessary yet and I thought I might as well add it in later. It was also really hard to make and I wasted like an hour yesterday trying to figure it out bcz im noob at scripting

My GUI skills kind of held me up here, but I managed to get it all sorted out in the end.

Other new features include:

• A description of the gun when you hover over the button (I’m proud of this one even if it doesn’t seem like much lol)

• A sway when you walk, to add realism

• New horizontal recoil along with vertical recoil on the AK-47 to make it more realistic (as that’s the recoil pattern in real life)

Things I’m planning to add

A revamp of the GUI, with features such as stats of guns, case system, etc

More guns, current list to add includes:
Shotguns such as the KS-23M, SPAS-12
• Snipers such as the AWS/M series, the Remington 700, the M107
• More assault rifles such as the AK12, AUG series, SCAR-L, SCAR-H
• LMG’s such as the AUG HBAR, M60, MG42, SCAR HAMR
• PDW’s/Carbines such as the P90, MP5

These guns will be added in as we go along

Maps - you can contribute to the game by sending a map you’ve made to me through Discord at IceKing1x#6969. You can provide full credits on the map and I will do that as well in the GUI. Currently I can’t pay map-makers, sorry!

Round system

Currency System

Leveling system - currently all guns are ‘unlocked’ by default.

Reload animations - currently all guns have inf ammo. *cries internally *

Pictures and videos

You can play the beta prototype for yourself if you want: FPS Framework Prototype - Roblox

You can leave feedback in the replies as well, it would be appreciated!! I will try to post another devlog soon, stay tuned.

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wow looks like you got some progress but maybe try using icons instead of text other than that keep it up.


Did you do that yourself? Or you are working with a team. Anyways great job on this.

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Solo dev for now. :slight_smile: