FPS Game Devlog | #9 - C to Crouch, New MAC-10 and M1911, Loading Screen, Bug Fixes and More

‘when can i just learn to animate stuff idk’ - IceKing, 2021

Woah, it’s been 9 days since development started on this stupid project and I’ve (nearly) posted one devlog per day. Apart from 1 day - that doesn’t count. :roll_eyes:

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I added TWO new guns. Not one, but two. The MAC-10 SMG and the M1911 pistol. They are both high damage, high recoil guns. The MAC-10 has a firerate of 1090 r/pm compared to the pistol’s 400 r/pm. Both are solid weapons, give them a try.

Other new features include:

• Wow, loading screen, cool. Also has tips while you’re waiting for the game to load. :wink:

• A whole new spawning system. You are plopped at a random place in one of six deploy zones on the ‘map’ (put it in quotation marks because im not sure a baseplate counts as a map) instead of spawning randomly anywhere on the map.

• A semi-functional ‘c to crouch’ feature. You do crouch in-game but it doesn’t show on your camera (that is to say, your camera doesn’t move but your character does). Kind of annoying, I’ll fix that tomorrow.

• Removed ragdoll death because it was causing spawning issues

• Lots of bug fixes!!!

Things I’m planning to add

Grenading. (being worked on aaaa)

More weapon classes and guns.

Maps - you can contribute to the game by sending a map you’ve made to me through Discord at IceKing1x#6969. You can provide full credits on the map and I will do that as well in the GUI. Currently I can’t pay map-makers, sorry!

Round system, leveling system, currency system

Pics n stuff

I was lazy and didn’t get much done today, sorry.


You can play the beta version here: FPS Framework Prototype - Roblox

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated. Also, if you want to, you could think of a name for me to give this project. Currently I’m thinking of calling it Sharpshooter , but I’d like to hear your ideas as well. :thinking:

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It would be cool if you added some missions or stuff, like a campaing style (for future updates and so on). Maybe from like Cs:GO Hydra operation, where you could make missions with a friend and others.

This is a personal prefference, but it’s not any feature I have seen in a game at all

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An idea would be to allow people to set custom cross-hairs like CS:GO as well as weapon skins which will allow customization between people, upgrades like suppressors, different sights.
Nice work though.