FPS Game Devlog | #6 - Random Spawning, Updated Deploy Screen, Bug Fixes and more!

Not much done today in terms of development, I had a crap ton of schoolwork so development will be slower on weekdays.

If you’re new here, I’d recommend you read the first few devlogs in the series:

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Wow, would you believe it??? I revamped the Deploy menu again. For the third time. But it looks really clean now. :smiley: I manipulated the camera to focus on a random dummy that should look like what you do in the game. The deploy, weapon loadout and settings buttons are smaller and are in the top left and I scrapped the title at the top.

Other new features include:

• You now ‘spawn’ at a random position on the map. (I put it in speechmarks because you don’t technically spawn on the map per se but you get teleported onto a random position.)

• A ton of smaller bug fixes

Things I’m planning to add

Grenading and knifing.

More weapon classes and guns.

Maps - you can contribute to the game by sending a map you’ve made to me through Discord at IceKing1x#6969. You can provide full credits on the map and I will do that as well in the GUI. Currently I can’t pay map-makers, sorry!

Round system, leveling system, currency system

Pics n stuff

So yeah, that’s this update. I realised that I should’ve posted this last night but I got so tired that I forgot. So I’ll probably do another update alongside this one to compensate for that.

You can play the beta version here: FPS Framework Prototype - Roblox

Feedback in the replies would be appreciated. Also, if you want to, you could think of a name for me to give this project. Currently I’m thinking of calling it Sharpshooter , but I’d like to hear your ideas as well. :thinking:

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:open_mouth: that looks sick bro



But aside from that; Yeah its looking pretty good ma dude.


you know you can ads? but yeah for the people who like hipfiring i’ll add a crosshair

Looks, sick man however maybe you should add is a different menu screen that looks kind of bland… Here some inspiration I found which you could take.

A background like this would be great.

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whats an ads. I’m an arsenal player. I dont know thy terms.

aim down sights, hold right click

yes, But I like hip fire + Aiming down the sights when u shoot it has a spaz. My brain doesn’t understand and I tend to fail to shoot.

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