FPS Game Devlog #1 - Starting Out

18th February, 2021

"Why don’t I try and get into game development?"

That was the question I asked myself this morning when I was getting out of bed. Now, before then I had only been doing art commisions and had never really thought about making a full game.

There were a lot of games I liked on Roblox, mainly FPS shooters such as Phantom Forces, Arsenal, CounterBlox, RECOIL, et cetera. Because of my love towards this genre, I decided to start development on an FPS game. I already had a fair bit of scripting knowledge, so I thought I might as well give it a shot.

I decided to become a solo developer since I didn’t want to have to go through the process of hiring scripters, builders, GUI designers and more - I could always learn it myself along the way.

I started development today and so far, I’ve got most of the FPS framework done.

Things I have finished (for now)

• The placement of the gun on the player’s camera
• Shooting system
• Walking and shift to sprint
• ADS’ing

Things to complete

• Fix the kill cam!!!1
• Add reload animation
• Add gamemodes
• Add maps
• Add a currency system
• Fix literally everything

If you want to submit maps, please do!! It would benefit me a lot and save some time. You can DM the maps to me via Discord (IceKing1x#6969).



• Currently the AK-47 is the only gun avalible.
• There is a zombie model and a test dummy to try out if nobody else is in the server.
• I will be adding other guns soon, including an M4A1, Remington 700, etc

You can play the beta prototype for yourself if you want: [BETA] Operation: Strife - Roblox

You can leave feedback in the replies as well, it would be appreciated!! I will try to post another devlog soon, stay tuned.

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Wow sounds like you got a lot done today!
One thing I would add to your devlog is a picture.

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Oops, yes, that’s a good idea lmao

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Is this a alone project? Or can people do like maps that can be accepted. (Never mind just saw, I would do it for free but yeah)


You can submit maps if you want! It would help a lot, although I can’t pay any makers. If you want to send map models, dm me on Discord at IceKing1x#6969


i’ma send you a map when done ya

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Hey @iceking_gfx me and a few friends are building a LARGE scale map! It’s going to take us awhile but it’s gonna have secrets, references, and alot more :slight_smile:

I’m going to send some screenshots when i’m done.


Thank you!! I greatly appreciate this, I’ll make sure to give you full credit for it

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